Southborough Saturday First FC v FC Revo – Saturday May 15th 2021 – Yew Tree Playing Fields

This Sevenoaks and District Premier League match was played at Southborough’s home ground, Yew Tree Playing Fields which was set in a pretty looking recreation ground. The ground is located at the back of the Civic Centre adjacent to the new development of living accommodation in Southborough, which lies between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

Prior to kick off FC Revo, the visitors, lay in third place with Southborough in seventh place.

The weather had been wet and drizzly prior to kick off, but as the game began the sun shone brightly, although dark clouds hovered. The game opened with a fierce midfield battle, but chances in the first 25 minutes were few and far between.

Southborough in green shirts and black shorts.
FC Revo in blue shirts and shorts.
One of a number of corners that remained fruitless in the opening half hour.
An early Southborough chance from a free kick.
Both teams gave their all in a well matched first half an hour.

On 30 minutes a scramble in the FC Revo penalty area lead to a goal and Southborough cemented a 1-0 lead.

Southborough make it 1-0.

Fc Revo came back strongly and had chances blocked by the good work of the Southborough keeper.

One of a series impressive saves made during the first half, by the Southborough keeper, as FC Revo pushed for a first goal.
Another FC Revo attempt.

Half time came with FC Revo pushing hard for an equaliser but the teams went into the break with the score 1-0 to Southborough.

FC Revo at half time
Southborough head inside at the break.

As the second half opened the heavens opened and a very heavy downpour began. it was going to be interesting to see how both sides adapted to the conditions.

Rainy start to the second half.
FC Revo continued to push for an equaliser.

FC Revo began as they finished the first half throwing everything at the opposition in their efforts to equalise. However on 55 minutes a break away Southborough attack led to a goal squeezing past the keeper to make it 2-0.

The second Southborough goal.

FC Revo struggled to refund their composure and Southborough pushed forward for the next ten minutes, having a chance cleared off the line.

Goal line clearance.

Suddenly, as the Southborough team tired, FC Revo recaptured their belief. On 75 minutes Revo’s players combined to produce a clinically finished goal and pull the deficit back to one goal at 2-1.

FC Revo make it 2-1
A great save to keep Southborough in front!

Despite Southborough tiring and FC Revo throwing everything into their efforts to get an equaliser, at the final whistle the score remained 2-1. Southborough and Revo players looked exhausted as the teams shook hands. This was a hard fought game, in very testing weather conditions, and both teams left the pitch knowing they’d been in a battle.

Scene at the final whistle.

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  1. John Sawh says:

    Think a career on talksport surely beckons!!!

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  2. Well done again Matt Did you get wet today?

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    1. mattbritt69 says:

      Yes!!! Hid under a tree but still got soaked!!!


  3. Well done 👍. Great article

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