Faversham Town v Hastings United 26 September 2020

For my second foray into non league football, I went to see Faversham, of the Isthmian Premier league, whose Salters Lane ground is simple but well resourced. It has covered and seated stands at the side and a covered stand and clubhouse/ changing room facility. It also had a tea and cake van which sold the best cherry flapjack ever!! (Not good for my slimming world efforts!!). I again arrived early and after last week’s racist incident was pleased to see signs reminding fans Faversham is a family club and no racist or abusive language would be tolerated.

The game was dour with Hastings and Faversham battling out a 0-0 draw. the match didn’t seem a league or two higher than the teams Id watched. Last week. I walked around the ground to keep warm as it was as cold in the wind as it had been warm the previous weekend!! The Hastings fans stood behind the goal and were loud and 3 or 4 fans were bare chested too!?!

Parking was easy and I escaped as usual 5 minutes before the end. Missed no goals!!

Faversham’s LilyWhites warm up against Hastings United.

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