Bearsted Fc V Crowborough Athletic 20th October 2020

Another Southern Counties East Football League Premier Division game and the first evening game under lights of the 2020-21 season for me. I met a friend, Richard and came to Bearsted… found the ground after a short drive from picking him up at the railway station. Parked under some impressive trees (wouldn’t want to reverse into one in the dark!) and made our way in through the turnstile.

Have to say that this was one of the best non league grounds I’ve been to. A lovely pitch with amazing lighting in an impressive setting. The clubhouse was small but the snack bar had pasties, sausage rolls and snacks as well as alcohol and hot drinks (slimming world limited me to a cup of tea only!!) and everyone was friendly and welcoming.

Bearsted in Blue and Crowborough Red and Yellow

The match was very tightly fought by two teams in mid table positions. A second half scrambled goal won it 1-0 for Bearsted but this was a ground I will definitely come back to. there is even a club shop and I actually saw someone walking a terrier in the ground wearing a Bearsted FC dog coat?!?! Can’t imagine they do a lot of sales of that particular item?!?

Hoddle-esque pass witnessed halfway through the clip!!

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  1. footballfan82 says:

    Love these smaller grounds.

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